Pokemon Go Dev Believes iPhone X Needs To Do More With AR

True AR is a long way out but the iPhone X is moving the augmented reality conversation forward.


The potential of immersive technology like virtual and augmented reality is untapped and will likely not be fully realized for a long while as creators figure out the best way to put things together. Apple put AR under the spotlight during their reveal of the iPhone X but one of the developers of Pokemon Go, an experience that brought augmented reality to a massive audience, believes the AR Apple showed off is just the tip of the iceberg. 

"So…. did we just see the future today?" Hanke asked in his blog post after the Apple iPhone X presentation. "Yes and no."

Hanke felt that Apple's AR exhibition focused too heavily on the visual effect of having a digital object or annotation overlaid on the camera view of the device. That's "really missing the point" as he put it.

"What AR really means is connecting digital information, objects, and experiences with the physical world in situ as you experience them. It’s the part about connecting information to the world that’s important. The way that information gets to you is secondary. What I mean is… AR can be something like we see in the movie ‘Her.’ It could be a whisper in your ear telling you the path to walk or historical facts about the building in front of you."

There are projects that come fairly close to what Hanke speaks of but, one of the barriers to mass AR adoption is the lack of an affordable and comfortable wearable. As time passes, AR headsets are getting closer to that reality but we won't see true AR for a while. Apple's device will help to influence the early conversation, though.

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