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Sunbracers can bring the best out in Solar Grenades and cause some serious damage when using the right build.


Sunbracers are Warlock Exotic gauntlets focused on the Solar subclass. Sunbracers have existed since the original Destiny and received a slight change with the launch of Destiny 2. Those that want to harness the true potential of a grenade-focused build to clear mob-heavy content should consider creating a build specifically for these gauntlets.

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Sunbracers Exotic Perk: Helium Spirals

Sunbracers on a Warlock showing the Exotic perk

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The Exotic perk on Sunbracers is Helium Spirals. This increases the duration of Solar grenades from 4 seconds to 8 seconds without taking into considering other Warlock-specific Aspects.

  • Helium Spirals: Increases the duration of Solar Grenades. Solar melee kills grant unlimited Solar Grenade energy for a brief time.

As stated in the Exotic description, you must select Solar Grenades to get the benefit from this Exotic. Not to be confused with Solar as an elemental type. Do not use Fusion Grenades or Firebolt, it must be the round Solar Grenade.

When to use Sunbracers

Because Well of Radiance and Starfire Protocol builds are so potent in end-game activities, Sunbracers and associated builds work best in mid-game activities. The reason for this is that Sunbracers rely on getting a charged melee kill to activate, which can be challenging when all the enemies around you can’t die with one melee without a bit of preparation.

Sunbracers being used against enemies

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For this reasons, Sunbracers shine in mid-tier Nightfalls, seasonal playlists, and other modes that have add-dense areas perfect for crowd control. The extended duration of the Solar Grenades ensures you can lock down areas and deal significant damage to anything that wanders into them – including stunned Champions.

Consider throwing your Solar Grenades at choke points, enemy spawn doors, and any location where there might be a high number of foes. This will help take some pressure off of your allies and help keep areas locked down tight. Try to only use one Solar Grenade on a large enemy like a Champion, as the damage of multiple grenades do not stack.

Sunbracers build

While your first thought might be to make a Discipline-focused build, Strength should be your focus. Sunbracers rely entirely on a charged melee and having to wait around for it to charge renders the Exotic useless. At 100 points in Strength, your melee ability will be recharging every 39 seconds when using Celestial Fire or 35 seconds for Incinerator Snap.

Monte Carlo Exotic Auto Rifle
Monte Carlo can recharge your melee instantly, setting you up to throw even more grenades.
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Couple a Strength-focused build with the Monte Carlo Exotic Auto Rifle and you can cut this recharge time down to nothing. Monte Carlo has a chance to fully recharge your melee on kills and will give you melee energy for simply damaging a foe. Just remember, none of this works if you do not get a charged melee kill.

Once you score a charged melee kill, you will have 5 seconds (On-screen: Sunbracers Ready) to throw a Solar Grenade. When you throw one, you will then have 5 seconds (On-screen: Sunbracers) to throw as many as you can – typically five. The duration of the Solar Grenades will depend on your build. Here are some numbers for Solar Grenade durations:

  • 4 second base
  • 6 seconds with Touch of Flame
  • 8 seconds with just Sunbracers
  • 10 seconds with Touch of Flame and Sunbracers

It is important to use Touch of Flame as this not only keeps your grenades burning for longer, but will also add goblets of fire that spew out from the grenade. This further increases the Solar Grenade’s area of effect and damage output.

How to get Sunbracers

The main source to get this Exotic is by farming Legend or Master Lost Sectors when the daily rotation is for a chest piece. To find out what day it is available, check out our Legend and Master Lost Sector rotation schedule.

It can also be found as a random engram drop from defeating enemies, completing Powerful or Pinnacle challenges, or sold by the Agent of the Nine, Xur.

Sunbracers Lore

"When one can wield the fire of stars, what use is flesh and bone?"

"Thanks. Helium reactors still intact. What did you call them?"


"Hmm. Bad idea. I go around touting that name and those mercs will come out of their caves and I'll have twice the trouble. I've got enough bad blood with those barbarians."


"The Sunbreakers, old Titan order, super serious mercenaries, fire hammers? Been in the wilds for decades, and word is they've made a new pact with the City, so there's bound to be more of them."

"It's just a name."

"You tell them that, they'll probably put a bounty on you and try to sacrifice you to their forge. I'll call them Sunbracers."

"Call them what you want. To me they'll always be Sunbreakers."

Sunbracers put the power of the sun in the palm of a Warlock’s hand and allow them to cause a lot of havoc in Destiny 2. Experiment with them in your build to see if they’re right for you! For more Exotic armor breakdowns and guides for Guardians, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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