Palmer Luckey Will Appear on the HTC Stage at the Tokyo Game Show

Yesterday’s competition is tomorrow’s friend.


After spending some time away from the spotlight, Palmer Luckey has announced that he will present at the Tokyo Game Show. What makes that reveal so exciting is the venue: the HTC Vive stage.

“Finally able to announce that I will be speaking on the @htcvive stage during Tokyo Game Show!” Luckey tweeted this week. “I think people will find it interesting.”

He might be right. Among other things, Luckey is famous for the time he spent serving as the public face of Oculus VR, a role he maintained for some time even after that company was purchased by Facebook. However, Luckey ultimately left the company this March. In May, he talked about feeling restrained and said “I am glad I’m not currently employed.”

Luckey’s appearance on the HTC Vive stage could signal the end of his unemployment. It comes at a time when HTC is going through some serious changes. The company just announced a cooperation agreement with Google, and the plan may be to use the Tokyo Game Show to announce similar arrangements with other companies or individuals.

In a reply to his own tweet, Luckey posted a schedule outlining Vive’s presence at the show, which reveals he will be speaking from 1:30pm - 2:15pm (JST) on September 23. It’s unclear what that presentation will entail, but it's possible Luckey will use some of his considerable fortune to purchase his former competition and remain influential within the VR space.

What do you think? Is Palmer Luckey about to make a huge announcement, or was he simply invited to share a few insights (and possibly some terrific cosplay) before disappearing from the limelight once more? Whatever the case, we’ll know more soon.

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