LawBreakers Patch 1.4 Adds Namsan, Ups Health for All Characters

Welcome to a post-shattering United States, as the Law and Breakers teams do battle around an adorable mascot statue.


Lost in all of this fuss over whether LawBreakers has been a success or not is that Boss Key's gravity-defying shooter is actually pretty good. So it was encouraging to hear company founder Cliff Bleszinski pledge his support to the game for the long haul. The first part of that post-launch support is the game's latest map, Namsan.

Namsan takes place in a dilapidated facility outside a devastated United States. It features numerous jump pads for getting into airborne combat, including two pads located right outside the team spawn points. The map itself features vast open areas, ideal for long-range weaponry and also for taking aim from above. Teams will often find themselves doing battle along the wide-open center of the map, with only the giant Spacey mascot statue available for cover. It should also be noted that there are no zero-G central zones in this map, which should change things up a bit from some of the game's other battlegrounds.

For more on Namsan, check out the video below.

This map is live across both PC and PlayStation 4 versions as part of Patch 1.4, which increases health for all characters across the board. According to the patch notes, the idea for upping health totals is in an effort to keep gameplay going longer, as Boss Key observed that players were dying far too quickly to create a truly enjoyable experience. Check out the PC patch notes, along with the PS4 patch notes, for more details on the latest changes. You can also check out the dev notes video below.

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