Aliens Will Attack Elite: Dangerous On September 26

The long-awaited conflict with the Thargoids is right around the corner.


After years of collecting resources, exploring the massive universe, collecting bounties, and more, the players of Elite: Dangerous are about to have their world's rocked. On September 23rd, the Thargoids are going on the offensive.

Since the launch of Elite: Dangerous in 2014, players had been finding artifacts and other nods to the existence of an alien race up until their theories were explicitly confirmed when the Thargoids made their presence known in January of this year. A player was pulled out of hyperdrive via hyperdiction, something human players and NPCs are incapable of at the moment. Over time, more and more players were getting randomly pulled out of hyperdrive but in none of the instances were any players attacked. Now, with the next major update to the game, it looks like the interactions with the Thargoids are becoming more aggressive.

This upcoming conflict, which is cinematically teased in the trailer below, could lead to a search for the Thargoid homeworld as humanity looks for better ways to take down the alien beings. As shown in the trailer, humans have found a way to damage their massive ships but they have the ability to self-repair or heal. The Elite: Dangerous community has only explored 0.003% of the game's universe but efforts may need to be ramped up in the search for a solution.

In a forum post, Frontier Developments explained that the upcoming 2.4 update to the game called The Return will involve narrative-based content that rolls out in the coming month, starting with this attack by the Thargoids. This will likely turn into a race to see who's able to take down one of the Thargoids first and we'll try out best to report on it the moment that happens.

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