Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - What do the Infinity Stones do?

Unfamiliar with the Infinity Stone mechanic that's being introduced in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite? Here's a refresher course.


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is out now, but there are some questions that fighting game newcomers and veterans alike are likely to have. They mainly surround one of Infinite's central mechanics, the Infinity Stones.

After selecting a team of two, players will then select one of the six Stones to take into battle. But what are the primary differences between them and how do they change the course of a match?

The Infinity meter fills up over time, particularly as players take damage. The Infinity Surge ability can be used any time for a percentage of meter. It is activated by using L1/LB and functions differently, depending on the Stone equipped:

  • Power Stone: Unleashes an attack that bounces opponents off walls, allowing for follow-up combos.
  • Reality Stone: Releases a projectile that homes in on the opponent. Can be useful as a potential anti-air or for keeping a safe distance.
  • Mind Stone: Throws the opponent and momentarily stuns them afterwards. This leaves them open for follow-up combos or even a Hyper Combo.
  • Space Stone: Pulls the opponent towards you, allowing for follow-up attacks or command grabs.
  • Soul Stone: Steals life from your opponent's health bar for yourself. Useful for helping regain some lost health.
  • Time Stone: Warps across the screen at super speed. A bit difficult to wield, but good for advanced players that like to get off quick combos.

The Infinity Storm ability can be activated when the Infinity meter is at 50 percent or greater. This changes the background into the color of the Stone and the effects will last until the Infinity meter is drained. This is activated by holding L1/LB + R1/RB and functions differently, depending on the Stone equipped:

  • Power Stone: Raises your attack power. Every hit will smash the opponent backward, shaking the screen in the process. Good for causing heavy damage in short bursts, similar to the X Factor mechanic in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Reality Stone: Launches different elemental attacks, depending on the button pressed. When used with combos, it can help score extra hits or juggle the opponent.
  • Mind Stone: The Hyper Combo gauge fills continuously, allowing players to access their Hyper Combos faster. This process will pause if a Hyper Combo is used while the Mind Stone Infinity Surge is active.
  • Space Stone: Seals the opponent in a force cage, restricting their movement. However, opponents can still defend themselves and attack, so be careful.
  • Soul Stone: Calls your partner to attack, so that both team members can attack simultaneously. If your partner is knocked out, this will revive them and keep them revived with a small percentage of their health bar.
  • Time Stone: Enables quick combos into other attacks when landing a hit. Advanced players can use this to strike quickly.

Select your Infinity Stone carefully, because some of them might work with certain combinations of characters better than others.

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