Suda51 Will Celebrate Indie Greats with Travis Strikes Again

With Travis Strikes Again for Nintendo Switch, Suda51 hopes to bring attention to deserving indie games he admires.


During a recent “Nindies” video that featured upcoming indie games for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo revealed Suda51’s next effort in the No More Heroes franchise, Travis Strikes Again. Though it features numerous elements that should be familiar to fans of the two Wii games, the follow-up also tries something a little different by pushing returning hero Travis Touchdown through various scenarios inspired by recent indie games.

USGamer recently conducted an interview with the amiable developer, and posted an article focusing on discussion related to his efforts on behalf of the indie development scene.

“I basically chose the devs who were putting out the kinds of games that I felt Travis himself would be a fan of,” Suda51 told USGamer. “Games like Hotline Miami – which as you can see in the trailer, Travis is about to clear, which I feel shows how into the game he is – felt like the sort of titles that Travis would be following very closely and would be losing himself in.”

Travis Touchdown will “lose himself” in several games over the course of his adventures in Travis Strikes Again, and will face off against bosses dreamed up by a UK designer named Boneface. It sounds like Suda51 truly admires what the indie scene is doing, and wants to use his platform to bring attention to some of the greats.

“I also wanted to work with indie developers because I still see myself and Grasshopper as indie creators, which is how we began,” Suda51 added, “and I wanted to show my support for these guys and help get the word out as I feel that what they’re doing is truly great and they really deserve all the recognition they can get.”

Suda51 is known for creating stylish games (check out the above trailer for Killer Is Dead if you’re not familiar with that bizarre outing), and has shown a willingness to collaborate with other developers in the past (such as when he teamed with Shinji Mikami on Shadows of the Damned), so the new direction for No More Heroes shouldn’t come as a total surprise.

“I’ve been following the growing indie scene pretty closely for the past few years,” Suda51 said, “participating in Bit.Summit in Kyoto and coming to PAX West for the first time last year, and for the past two years or so in particular I’ve been checking out as many indie titles as possible and really digging around to find awesome titles, which also, fortunately, isn’t difficult with all the cool stuff that’s been coming out recently.”

We still don’t know the complete list of indie games Suda51 will tie into Travis Strikes Again. Judging by Suda51’s past output, though, we do know the results will probably be interesting. Are there any recent indie hits you would especially like to see him work into the upcoming project, or perhaps add in a sequel?

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