RED Shares Details On Holographic Smartphone Display

The digital cinema company could disrupt a phone market that is focusing on augmented reality with something even (conceptually) better.


RED, a company that specializes in digital cinematography, recently announced it was manufacturing a $1200 smartphone called Hydrogen. Interestingly enough and with few other details to support it, it was described as “The World’s First Holographic Media Machine. In Your Pocket. No Glasses Needed.” Now we’ve got some info to support this claim and it turns out an undisclosed partnership with a lightfield holographic display manufacturer is at play.

Filmography and vlog culture on mobile phones is not a new phenomenon, so the idea that RED was making a high-end smartphone wasn’t too far-fetched. Just to give you an idea of RED’s pedigree, the company’s tech is responsible for the eye-popping Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the nostalgic love-fest that is Power Rangers. Beyond this new announcement, the fact that Hydrogen would be using a holographic display certainly perked up the ears of tech enthusiasts around the world and The Verge reports that Leia Inc is the company that will be supplying the technology.

The holographic tech is described as such:

“Leia leverages recent breakthroughs in Nano-Photonic design and manufacturing to provide a complete lightfield ‘holographic’ display solution for mobile devices, through proprietary hardware and software. The Silicon Valley firm commercializes LCD-based mobile screens able to synthesize lightfield holographic content while preserving the normal operation of the display.”

Conceptually, this type of display will let users view 3D objects from multiple angles without the use of something like augmented reality glasses. With Apple likely having a heavy dose of AR on their iPhone X and Google opening up their AR efforts to more devices, are the two major companies behind the curve? Likely not, but it will be interesting to see what comes of this holographic smart device.

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