The Cartridge Family: Episode 004 - A Destiny 2 Launch Week Celebration

This week, the family goes all in on Destiny 2


The family has been hard at work on the farm. This week, however, we’ve set aside our agricultural tools for some future-tech and the results have been super, super fun. That’s right, The Cartridge Family have dove deep into Ghaul’s lair and we’ve done our best to shoot him and his evil brethren into oblivion. Now we want to talk about it.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is finally upon us and we’re committed to deciding if its been worth the wait or not. Join us today as we enjoy a story-spoiler free discussion about what Destiny 2 is all about, how its different from the original Destiny and if Destiny 2’s gravity has us falling back into the RNG grind. Here’s a spoiler for ya: yeah, we’re back in.

We cap things off with John’s updated take on Sonic Mania, I take a quick lashing, and then we all part ways ready to explore another week of video-gaming. Until we meet again…

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On this episode:
Vin Genova
John Benyamine 
Joe Stasio
Bill Lavoy

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