What Does Destiny 2 at Capacity Mean?

Players are getting a Destiny 2 at capacity error.


Everyone knew that Destiny 2, like Destiny before it, was going to be a popular game. The potential popularity of the game increased after what could be considered successful betas on the PS4 and Xbox One, and an outstanding PC beta that saw journalists and players claiming Destiny 2 on PC would likely be the definitive edition. It should come as no shock that some Guardians are getting Destiny 2 at capacity errors.

What Does Destiny 2 at Capacity Mean?

Seeing an error or message that Destiny 2 is at Capacity is about as straightforward an error as you can get. It simply means that the servers that run Destiny 2 are at capacity, and no more gamers are able to get on at that current time.

The only workaround for this error is patience and determination. Bungie either needs to add more servers to allow more players on, or players need to continue trying until they can sneak in. One would wonder how this could be an issue after a beta which, at least in part, was designed to stress test servers. However, it’s not uncommon for games to have extremely popular launches that developers just aren’t prepared for.

If you’re not able to get into Destiny 2 because the its at capacity, take a break and try doing something else for a bit. If you think the error is on your end and isn’t an issue with Bungie, you should visit the Bungie help section to determine your next steps.

When you do get into Destiny 2 and stop receiving the at capacity error, visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide hub, full of walkthrough content for the story missions, strikes, raids, and everything else you’ll need to take the fight to the Cabal and put and end to Ghaul.

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