Red Sox Admit to Stealing Yankees Signs with Apple Watches

Did you know that piece of tech on your wrist could give you a leg up on the baseball field?


Did anyone else miss the bullet point listing "stealing signals" as a feature for the latest Apple Watch? Investigators for the MLB have found that the first place Boston Red Sox used an Apple Watch to steal hand signals from the New York Yankees and other teams.

Reported by the NY Times, a two-week investigation centered on a specific complaint resulted in the Red Sox admitting that they'd been receiving signals from video replay staff and shared information with players so that they'd know what pitches were coming. The complaint lodged by the Yankees involved video evidence that Red Sox staff was seen looking at his Apple Watch in the dugout. The Yankees apparently have been suspicious of the Red Sox stealing catcher's signs for a while. 

Everyone has essentially declined to make a comment on this particular development and no punishment has been handed down just yet. Stealing signs is a part of baseball, but electronic devices and binoculars are prohibited. It'll be interesting to see how it all boils down especially considering this has been going on for longer than one game and the Red Sox are close to being in the playoffs. 

When Apple takes the stage to (hopefully) impress everyone later this month, looks like they'll have to modify the slide about the Apple Watch's impact on sports. Reading code, essentially tech's equivalent to "stealing signs", has revealed some details on the iPhone 8 but we'll likely get all the details soon.

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