Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle: How to Beat Rabbid Kong

Your battle with Rabbid Kong at the end of the first world in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle will go a lot better if you follow a few simple strategies.


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle on Nintendo Switch features several worlds, each with a mid-boss and a primary boss that waits for you at the end of the world. The guardian of Ancient Gardens is a creature named Rabbid Kong. It has a powerful shockwave attack and a stash of bananas, but you can counter both issues to secure an easy victory.

Waves and Minions

The fight plays out over three rounds, and your first order of business at the start of each one is to tend to any smaller enemies that appear. There should be around two or three in each of the first two rounds, and just a single larger fellow in the third.

Take care of those enemies quickly, so they don’t drain your life meters. It’s best to do so from cover, as usual. Try to use the steel structures when possible. They are indestructible, which comes in handy when you defeat the last of the minions and Rabbid Kong starts slapping the ground on each turn. Its slaps produce blue shockwaves that damage any of your characters positioned without proper shelter in the center lane. The far left and right sides of the area (as you’re facing the boss) are safe territory, though, and you also are safe between the largest of the aforementioned metal crates.

Dropping Bananas

If you manage to shoot Rabbid Kong, you will find that your shots do terrific damage. However, your foe is unconcerned. It simply scarfs down a banana from the pile at its feet, which completely restores its health. This will keep up all day, unless you tend to that stash.

Position your characters behind the points of cover nearest Rabbid Kong. Then have one run to the one who is standing behind the center of the three metal crates. That character should throw his or her friend forward, to land on a large rectangular tile with a banana symbol on it. Stepping on that tile drops the bananas into a pit. Now, all three characters should wail away on Rabbid Kong and hopefully take out his life meter in a turn or two.

Three Times the Fun

To actually defeat Rabbid Kong, you need to follow the above strategy three consecutive times. Each of the first two times you eliminate the monster’s life meter, your foe will shift to another side of the arena, unleash another damaging wave, and then call for more goons. You just need to move your characters to new points of cover, advance, and repeat the same steps that worked previously. It shouldn’t take long.

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