Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle: How Long Is It, Anyway?

Get useful information about how much time you need to budget for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.


When you dive into Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch, you can look forward to spending quite a bit of time discovering the secrets to battle, meeting the various charming characters, and returning to familiar areas to clear special challenges. This guide will give you an idea how long all of that might take, so you can better plan your time with the game.

The Stuff You Have to Do

To clear the campaign, you will need to work your way through four distinct worlds. That’s not a lot compared to the usual eight that have appeared in Mario’s games since almost the very beginning, but there’s a lot to these particular worlds. Each one includes nine levels, including numerous battles and two boss encounters apiece.

A typical battle could take as much as 15 or 20 minutes to clear, and that’s not counting the time you will spend exploring the world hubs in search of the next showdown. As a rough estimate, you’ll probably need to spend around four hours beating each of those worlds.

The Stuff You Can Do Besides

Besides mandatory battles, worlds hide all sorts of secrets that require a bit more searching. There are a variety of collectibles strewn around the world, viewable at the Museum located not far from Peach’s Castle, and no tour of that facility is completely satisfying unless you’ve gone through the trouble of gathering the exhibits that are scattered around the kingdom.

You also can revisit familiar areas to find secret levels, which you can’t even access until after you’ve cleared a particular world on your way through the campaign. Those aren’t as extensive, but they can add a fair few minutes to the timer.

Put It All Together…

Take four worlds with enough content to last you four or more hours each, even before you’ve found everything. Add another few hours, time enough to explore the various nooks and crannies that lie off the beaten path and to recover from the occasional loss as battles grow more complex near the end of your adventure. Total it all up and you’re looking at a commitment of probably around 20 hours, if you want to see everything Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle offers.

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