Abandon The Point In Overwatch's Deathmatch Mode

Genji mains. Your time is now.


Overwatch built its multiplayer FPS community on a foundation of objective based and strategic singe-elimination matches. Now? All bets are off. Blizzard recently announces Deathmatch, the lone-wolf haven for your typical casual shooter, and the mode has gone live today.

The initial announcement of the deathmatch mode coming to Overwatch was a bit of a surprise to most, especially since game director Jeff Kaplan explicitly said he didn't see it coming due to it not being right for the game. It's here now and, interestingly, comes at a time where the only character with a team revive had her entire build changed.

Overwatch players, as of today, have access to Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Deathmatch pits eight players against each and the top four in the race to 20 kills get progress toward their weekly three loot crates. Team Deathmatch is six vs six in a race to 30 kills. For both modes, the maps used in the objective based modes have been modified to accommodate this new game mode along with a new map exclusively for the mode.

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