Bungie Partnering with Direct Relief to Help with Hurricane Harvey Response

If you’ve been watching with dismay the natural disaster playing out in Houston, you may want to pay attention to what Bungie is helping people do about it.


Floodwater in Texas is currently proving that no matter what the human race does to combat her, Mother Nature will always have her way in the end. We can still help each other during times of tragedy, though, whether those troubles are brought on by the elements or our fellow man. To that end, Bungie has announced steps it is taking to assist those in the Houston area who are suffering due to the flooding.

In that post, Bungie Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague revealed that the Bungie Foundation has partnered with Direct Relief. It worked with that organization previously, to offer aid to the people of Nepal. The organization is currently tending to the needs of the most vulnerable in the region, and bolstering the efforts of frontline responders.

“To invoke the power of our community,” DeeJ wrote, “we’re offering a commemorative pin through the Bungie Store. Your purchase of this item will include an emblem for use in Destiny 2. All profits from your purchase will go straight to Direct Relief in support of the Hurricane Harvey response efforts.”

Bungie expects to have limited supplies available, and orders will experience delays. The pin retails for $14.99, and there is a limit of 10 pins per order. A note on the store page indicates there are 15,000 pins in stock, and that more will be produced in mid-October to meet any additional demand. You shouldn’t order the pin along with other merchandise (which wouldn’t go toward the Harvey relief effort), unless you want your entire order to be delayed until more pins are produced.

“Of course,” adds DeeJ, “there are many other ways to get involved. Even if a pin or emblem isn’t your thing, we urge you to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in your own way. Get involved. Donate to a charity of your choice. Help spread the word and support those who are helping in whatever ways they can.”

Numerous other groups are also coming together to provide relief, and there will even be a Harvey Relief Done Quick marathon this weekend, so you already have a lot of options if you would like to help the people of Houston to recover. Have you seen any other relief efforts your fellow gamers should know about?

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