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How to Add Moves and Attacks to Your Combat Deck in Absolver

We've got the tips to help you add as many moves as you can to your combat deck so you can finally declare proudly "I know kung-fu". 


Absolver is a melee brawler that may seem simple at first glance but, in actuality, has a very deep and complex combat system. Part of that system is improving your combat deck with faster, stronger, and less-predictable moves.

As a true-to-form martial arts game, Absolver requires you to study your opponents to learn more moves. This guide will help you figure out how to add more attacks to your combat deck with Absolver’s unique learning system.

Starting Out In Absolver

When you start the game, you choose one of three fighting styles with a fourth that can be unlocked later into the game. Each has a standard set of moves to choose from as you develop your style and combos, but they’re quite vanilla in the beginning. If you decide to fight in the PvP combat trials early, you’ll notice that you and your opponent exchange the same moves often and they become easy to predict and defend against. If you happen against a higher level fighter though, you’ll get hit with a plethora of attacks. You’d likely assume those attacks are learned as you level up, but not quite.

Absolver Attributes

Your character’s attributes are improved with points you learn as you gain experience and you’ll unlock combo slots for your combat decks as well. For the moves themselves, Absolver has a refreshing system where you’ll have to see and defend against unknown moves to steadily learn them.

How You Learn New Moves

When you use the standard guard against an attack you don’t have in your combat deck, a small symbol will come up next to the opponent showing your learning progress. Sometimes the enemy will let out a full combo of moves you don’t have and you’ll gain progress for each.

Learning Moves

Another way to learn is by using your chosen style’s unique defensive ability. Forsaken’s parry, Windfall’s avoid, and Kahlt’s absorb all have to be timed perfectly to counter attacks and successful use of each increases your learning gauge for attacks by a large amount.

No matter which method you lean on, you’ll have to be extremely careful while learning abilities. If you end up losing the fight, all progress and experience from that individual conflict is gone for good. If you do defeat them, the move is immediately added to your combat deck and you can make it a part of your move set whenever you please.

The Best Strategy For Adding To Your Combat Deck Quickly

Considering you’ll lose progress if you lose the fight, you’ll want to isolate characters with moves that you want to learn. We suggest taking them on one-on-one so be sure to defeat all other characters in the area before focusing on your main target.

Once the area is clear, guard and pay attention to the enemy’s patterns of attack. Some have only one pattern but more advanced adversaries have various combos that start from different stances. Once you’ve learned the timing, fight them normally and get their health low enough that you can defeat them with one or two attacks. This way, if you somehow slip up and they start to wear you down, you can knock them out and keep your progress.

Once their health is low, time your special defensive abilities so that you learn them at the quickest pace possible. In the case of the Kahlt style, you’ll still take damage when you absorb attacks so be mindful of your health at all time. With any style, don’t hold your guard down because your stamina bar will rise slowly and it's a chance the enemy will break your guard and get off a combo before you can defend again. This is why we keep the enemy’s health low for training. Try to remember exactly which attacks you need instead of using your defensive move for every attack so that you learn quickly.

With this process, you'll add a great many moves to your combat deck and have a significant leg up on online opponents if they decide to take you on. Once you're confident in your deck, the combat trials await you.

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