Destiny 2 to Get Region Locking Familiar in Blizzard Games

Players will be tied to the region of their ID, although it can be changed in a pull-down menu in the launcher before the game starts.


Those who play Blizzard games through the launcher are familiar with region locking, where you are tied to servers in the area where your ID is registered. With Destiny 2 coming through instead of Steam, it will adopt those same limitations when it launches on PC on October 24.

"Players may only play with other players who have selected the same region, and cannot join the games or activities of players in other regions," a new help page for Destiny 2 says. "The player's selected region will also limit who appears in-game in a player's Friends Lists and Clan Roster."

Players will be matched with other players in their regions. Blizzard currently uses regions Americas, Europe, and Asia. However, once the game is started from the launcher (or whatever it is called), there will be a pull-down menu where players can change regions before a game starts, ensuring that they can play with friends in those regions.

Blizzard treats characters on different regions as different accounts, with different gear. If Destiny 2 follows the same procedure, region switching before a game will leave you with whatever character and gear you had the last time you played in that region. Of course, if you stay in that region exclusively, it won't be an issue.

The Destiny 2 PC beta kicked off yesterday, and it wasn't exactly music to the ears of everyone who tried it. That said, betas are designed to uncover bugs so they can be fixed before launch, so Bungie still has some work to do before the game releases on PC in late October. Console players won't have to wait as long, as the game launches on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6.

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