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Mod Support For PC Version of Final Fantasy XV Is In The Works

There seems to be a slim chance it can't be done, but the director paints the picture that mod support is a priority. 


Better late than never, the PC version of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV is on the way and will be coming in glorious 4K. Price and PC specifications have yet to be revealed but the game’s director has shared some exciting news for those that have patiently waited to play: The PC version will receive mod support.

Reported by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, director Hajime Tabata had this to say while at Gamescom:

“I think one of the biggest things [PC] players can expect is mod support,” Tabata said via translator at Gamescom 2017. “We definitely want to do it. We haven’t actually managed to get our full modding policy or discussions on that finished but at the moment we do really want to do it. We’ll have the full details around autumn time.”

He goes on to clarify that, whether it's included at launch or something implemented after, he believes modding can be added to the game pretty quickly. While there still seems to be a very slight chance mod support won’t come to the game, the director’s comments make it seem like it's a priority. He also added some insight into exactly how their mods could work when and if implemented:

“I think a lot of people do want the mods as free as possible,” he said, “and with as few limitations from our side as possible, so we are going to look into making that the kind of system we have for the mods, so we’ll have to figure out all the technical terms around that.”

All of this should be encouraging to the PC gaming community and we’ll update as more information is made available.

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