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Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Shows All Out War With the Red Legion

The plan is to get up close to Ghaul, put a bullet in his head and be back in time for a sandwich. Group hug!


Despite all the hype and publicity, Destiny 2 has snuck up on us. The console version is out in two weeks, one of the last major AAA games coming in the summer launch window. For the forgetful among us, Bungie and Activision have released a launch trailer showcasing the remaining Guardians making what could be a futile stand against the Red Legion.

The Legion, led by bad guy Ghaul, has eliminated most of the Guardians in a sudden and effective precision strike. The trailer includes the lines "New Legends Shall Rise," giving new players and characters a chance to shine and eliminate the imposing threat. Cayde-6 is back as the Hunter Vanguard with his trademark humor, as is Ikora Rey representing the Warlocks and Commander Zavala for the Titans. The trailer makes everything seem bleak, but the action is enough to inspire hope that not only will the Guardians triumph, but that the game will be good.

Destiny 2 launches on consoles on September 6, followed on October 24 byt the PC version. A PC beta is scheduled for next week. The game is expected to take more than 50 hours to complete, and will bring back The Crucible for multiplayer. The game will be the first non-Blizzard game to use for both sales and it launcher, which was recently renamed yet again to Blizzard

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