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Final Fantasy XV Making Its Way to PC in Full 4K

Square Enix has partnered with Nvidia to bring all the graphics bells and whistles to the new version


Final Fantasy XV received major props when it was released on PS4 last year, and Square Enix has continued to enthusiastically push the game with new content, graphics upgrades and even a Comrade co-op mode. Now, the publisher is scoring points with the PC crowd, revealing that Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will be coming to the new platform as part of a partnership with Nvidia.

The Luminous Engine will render the game in full 4K resolution, but as PC gamers know, Nvidia offers a bunch of extra bells and whistles with its graphics cards. Square Enix released a video showing how most of the effects will be on full display when the game is released some time in early 2018. There will be realistic grass simulation through TurfEffects, advanced hair simulation through HairWorks (yes, that is a thing), combustible fluid, fire and smoke simulation through Nvidia Flow, advanced shadow algorithms with HFTS, high quality ambient occlusion with VXAO, and versatile screenshot captures through Ansel.

The Windows Edition game will also offer first-person camera mode, and Dolby Atmos sound.

Final Fantasy XV sold five million copies in two days, with Square Enix revealing that the game actually broke even with dev costs on day one. PC fans had wanted their own version of the game when it was originally announced, and Square had said it was considering it, but no other word about it had been heard until now.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition already has a page on Steam, but price and full PC specs haven't been revealed yet. However, the Windows version will include all of the free and Season Pass content that was made available in the PS4 version,  

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