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Level Up Fast in Agents of Mayhem

Learn how to level up fast while playing Agents of Mayhem.


In any game where you can level up fast, doing so is to your benefit. Levels normally come with more perks, including dealing and taking more damage. In Agents of Mayhem, each Agent has their own level, meaning you’ll need to grind each one up individually if you plan to use certain Agents in later missions. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips to level up fast no matter what character you’re using, giving you more flexibility going into each fight.

Level Up Fast - Side Missions

Completing in-game side missions is one way to level up fast in Agents of Mayhem. Find these quests in both the Missions area, and on the map. Each of these missions will give you a set amount of experience, so you should have a good idea of what you’re getting for your efforts. Remember, though, that you can get additional experience by killing enemies, collecting intel, and doing other tasks. The more time you spend thoroughly working through a mission, the more experience you’ll gain from it.

Level Up Fast - Contracts

Like missions, Contracts have an objective. You know what you’re getting into when you choose to accept it from the Missions menu, accessed via the character menu. If you’re in need of some additional XP for one of your favorite Agents, try completing some Contracts. You can also challenge others to complete the same Contracts, and will be pleased with the reward at the end.

Level Up Fast - Targets of Opportunity

During your time in Agents of Mayhem, you may come across Targets of Opportunity. These will be armored vehicles on the road that have purple reticles above them. If you shoot them they will try to flee. While Targets of Opportunity themselves don’t provide a lot of experience, they do give you the chance to get a Legion Alert, similar to a wanted level in Saint’s Row. This means more enemies show up to give you a hassle, but really that’s just XP for you.

Like most games, being able to level up fast in Agents of Mayhem is all about smart decisions. Take the time to do things right and you’ll earn more experience than if you just blast through without considering the reward at the end.

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