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Best Agent in Agents of Mayhem

How to choose the best agent for your play style in Agents of Mayhem.


Agents of Mayhem has a total of 12 Agents to choose from. Each of them have different strengths and weaknesses, making determining the best Agent in Agents of Mayhem a subjective task. If you prefer close combat but we name a long-range specialist the best Agent, how does that help you? Instead, determining the best is more about what is effective and will complement your personal play style.

Who is the Best Agent?

There is no Agent that we can objectively call better than the rest. Instead, we’re going to focus on how we like build our team. This involves making sure that we have Agents that are specialists with long-range, medium, and close combat with us as often as possible. Make sure that you treat your squad like a multi-tool and you should be prepared for every situation.

One example of an effective squad would be Fortune, Rama and Hardtack. Hardtack gives us that close quarters goodness that helped to defeat Hammersmith. Fortune, on the other hand, has the agility to deal with faster moving enemies. Finally, Rama is excellent at range with her bow, but not so good up close. Composition is more important than trying to decide who is the best agent overall.

If there’s one area with some flexibility, it would be medium range. Most agents can hold their own in that role, so prioritize having specialists at close and long range first, and then fill out your team with an Agent that will complement them effectively.

The question of best Agent in Agents of Mayhem is the wrong one. Instead, spend some time unlocking every Agent, learning their strengths and weaknesses, and building a squad that fits in nicely with your style of play.

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