Esports Under Consideration For Inclusion in Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

If you're a top tier gamer, you may have a chance to go for the gold!


Some traditional sports analysts and fans have been fairly vocal about their opposition to esports, but it is here to stay. If a DOTA 2 competition with a prize pool tallying up over $20 million isn’t confirmation enough, maybe this next bit of news will do it for you. Video games have already infiltrated one of the biggest events in the world with Rocket League making an appearance at the Summer X Games, but now esports may have an opportunity to go for the gold at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Reported on Kotaku Compete, the Olympic committee that determines all of the events that will take place is considering esports for consideration. The committee’s co-president, Tony Estanguet, says they’re working with esport representatives “to better understand what the process is and why it is such a success.” Addressing skeptics, he essentially says they can’t ignore what the youth are interested in and that it's worth it to at least try to connect with the community.

The 2022 Asian Games are confirmed to be the first to hold a medal event for esports with players competing in Fifa 2017 and an as yet to be determined RTS and MOBA game. Inclusion in the Paris Olympics would be a monumental feat that would propel esport interest, investments, and opportunities into the stratosphere. Fingers crossed.

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