How to Tame Dinosaurs in Ark: Survival Evolved

Want to be BFFs with a T-rex? Learn how to tame dinosaurs in our guide to Ark: Survival Evolved.


Dinosaurs serve many purposes in Ark: Survival Evolved. Learn how to tame a dinosaur, and you can ride one as a mount, set it to guard you while you go exploring or fight off enemies, or just keep one as a pet to show your friends. This guide will instruct you on the finer points of how to tame a dinosaur in Ark: Survival Evolved.

How to Tame a Dinosaur in Ark: Survival Evolved

Dinos aren't the type of animal to walk up, lick your hand, and wait for you to throw a stick. To tame them, you'll need to go in prepared by rounding up supplies, namely food. Not just any food will do. Carnivores crave meat, so you'll want to stock up on raw and cooked varieties of fish and other meats. Jerky and prime meats work well also. On the other hand, herbivores prefer to nosh on advanced crops, berries, and numerous other plants, fruits, and veggies.

Next, you'll need some weapons. The mightiest dinos to ever walk the earth aren't going to beg and roll over just because you brought them a snack. You'll need to bring them to heel by attacking them until they lose consciousness. Stronger weapons will knock them out faster, and you'll want to knock them out as soon as possible. The last thing you want is an upset dinosaur. Remember, though, that dinosaurs still have life remaining after they pass out. If you keep attacking, you'll kill it. Try feeding dinosaurs narcotics or narcoberries to keep them passive for longer after knocking them out.

Once you've stocked up on the right types of food and a big stick (figuratively speaking), head out into the wilderness to find your dinosaur. Just as dinosaurs have different food preferences, the creatures hang out at different spots on the island. When the time comes to tame your first dinosaur, don't be picky. Treat it as a learning experience so you know how to handle yourself when you're ready to tame bigger prey such as a T-rex.

After locating a dinosaur—or your dino of choice—attack it until it passes out, then approach and insert an appropriate type of food into its inventory. It will begin eating, and over time the dinosaur will become tame enough for you to ride. Remember to buy a saddle. Additionally, just because you've tamed a dino doesn't mean it's invulnerable. Other creatures can still attack it. Monitor its health closely and treat it promptly when it gets hurt.

Now that you know how to tame dinosaurs in Ark: Survival Evolved, read our guide on how to play single player so you can experiment with taming dinos in the privacy of your very own game instance. 

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