There Will Always Be Blood in Bleszinski's Games, He Says

It's a satisfying representation of a good kill.


Cliff Bleszinski has always tried to be at the cutting edge when it comes to his games, be it the engine, the graphics or the gameplay. But one thing that will never change is that extra splatter of red after a kill. Blood is a must-have.

"The reason I put blood in my games is for feedback," he told us at E3 this year, while talking about his new game LawBreakers. "when someone has low health and they literally explode, and you just go through the blood cloud, it's like ooooo ... It's a very good feeling."

Bleszinski, who has always felt a competition with id Software, feels LawBreakers is a positive step in FPS evolution, particularly with the everything he has learned over the years melded into one game, particularly player movement. ""This is the little sh*t that separates good from great in an FPS."

Check out Bleszinski's bloody commentary, beginning around the 21:45 mark.

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