Rainway App Has Half-Life 2 Running On Nintendo Switch

The Rainway App lets you harness the power of your PC to stream games on other devices. Check out this latest demo of Half-Life 2 running on Nintendo Switch.


The Nintendo Switch is starting off its life with pretty solid third-party support, even if there are still a few speed bumps like delayed releases. The overall amount of games is still somewhat limited but creators are taking matters into their own hands with the Rainway App. Rainway harnesses the power of your PC and lets you play games on any devices as long as it has a GPU that supports DirectX 11. Nintendo Switch is one such device and a developer working on Rainway tweet a clip of a Switch running Half-Life 2.

The clip shows off the opening level of the game with an undocked Switch running it. You can see the dev’s Joy-Con input in relation to the gameplay and there certainly is a noticeable lag, which is no surprise with this type of application. The app isn’t available to try out yet so, hopefully, the development team will get a better handle on latency between devices and PC when it goes into beta stages sometime in the near future.

Remote play typically works with mixed results no matter what application or hardware someone is using because of the unpredictable combinations of a user’s wifi, hardware, and software environment. Rainway has interesting implications across all devices, but getting the Nintendo Switch working smoothly with it would be a gigantic boost for the hardware in consumer’s eyes. We will update on Rainway App progress as more information is made available. 

In case you missed it, check out The Witcher 3 running on Nintendo Switch via the Rainway app. 

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