Conan Exiles Expanding to The Frozen North

The upcoming update to Conan Exiles will be free on PC and Xbox One.


Funcom has announced that an expansion is on its way to both the PC and Xbox One versions of Conan Exiles. Known as The Frozen North, the expanded content is the game’s first update and will be available as a free download on those platforms.

In The Frozen North, players will find an entire new landmass that increases the existing world’s breadth by 70%. As the title implies, it leaves behind the desert wastelands in favor of a much chillier region marked by plummeting temperatures and nasty weather. To survive, players will need to equip special gear.

The Frozen North also introduces new gameplay mechanics. Players will be able to set traps for fish, keep bees, and even cook. There’s also a new brewing system, so players can make alcoholic beverages to help them brave the inhospitable climate. And finally, you can look forward to adopting a new religion, with the reward being the ability to summon the avatar of Ymir, the Lord of Storm and War.

“The expansion update does not just mean more content and more features,” said Joel Bylos, the game’s creative director. “The team has also worked extremely hard to make sure this release brings with it significant improvements to core aspects of the game such as combat, artificial intelligence, and more. These improvements, in addition to the twenty-eight updates we have already introduced to the game over its six months in PC Early Access, mean this version of Conan Exiles is bigger, and even more importantly, better than ever before.”

Conan Exiles was already pretty big, and its early success even led to some issues with the official servers earlier in the year. At one point, the game had 53,402 concurrent players, and it remains a popular destination despite its Early Access status.

Currently, Conan Exiles is expected to leave Early Access and launch as a full experience on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in the first quarter of 2018. By then, plenty more bugs should have been squashed and the game’s brutal world will be better and more refined than ever.

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