Total War: Warhammer To Get 30 New Units As Developer Birthday Gift

Creative Assembly Turns 30 and fans will reap the rewards on August 10.


Creative Assembly is celebrating 30 years of making games, and as a thank you to all its fans for buying its games, the dev team is adding 30 new Regiments of Renown to Total War: Warhammer for free. The update will come on August 10.

The five factions that have yet to receive the special regiments will get their new units all at once. The units will be available when the Norsca race pack DLC goes live.

Here's a breakdown:


  • Destroyers of the Drakwald: An Ungor Spearmen Herd (Shields) offering Extra Melee Defense
  • Black Horn's Ravagers: Gor Herd (Shields) with Stalk, Vanguard Deploy, Extra Armour and Charge Bonus
  • Khorrok's Manrippers: Bestigors with Halberds, Bonus vs Large, Charge Defense vs Large, Defensive Stats
  • The Eye of Morslieb: Cygor with Warp Gaze Ability (Cannot Move Hex)
  • Sons of Ghorros: Cenitgors (Great Weapons) with Guardian Ability (+ Physical Resistance to nearby characters buff), Extra Armor, Magic Attacks
  • Butchers of Kalkengard: Minotaurs (Shields) with Terror and Regen


  • Beastslayers of Bastonne: Foot Squires with Halberds, Charge Defence vs Large, Defensive Stats
  • The Holy Wardens of La Maisontaal: Battle Pilgrims with Dual Wield (improved offensive stats, Fire/Magic Attacks)
  • The Companions of Quenelles: Questing Knights with Fire Resistance, Blessing of the Lady Ability (Physical Resistance while unbroken)
  • Knights of the Lionhearted: Knights of the Realm with Fear, Encourage, and Magic Attacks
  • Defenders of the Fleur-de-lis: Knights Errant with Frenzy
  • Wardens of Montfort: Mounted Yeomen (Archers) with Poison Attacks


  • Mirror Guard: Chaos Warriors with Immune to Psychology, increased movement speed, Improved melee stats
  • The Soul of Damnation: Hellcannon with Soul Devourer Ability (Increases Reload Skill When Close to Enemies)
  • The Daemonspew: Forsaken with Poison Attacks
  • Wyrd Spawn: Chaos Spawn with Armor sundering melee attacks and Physical Resistance
  • Swords of Chaos: Chaos Knights with Smaller unit size, Apocalyptic Charge Ability (Map-wide Speed/Charge Speed ability), Guardian Ability, and Fire attacks
  • Summoners of Rage: Dragon Ogres with Magic attacks, Single use Chain Lightning Bound Spell (Becomes available after a set duration in melee)


  • Soulcrusher: War Mammoth with Enrage Ability (Temporary physical resistance ability), and Strider
  • Brutes of the Hound: Marauder Berserkers with Unbreakable and Fear
  • Beasts of Tashnar: Norscan Warhounds with Frenzy, Increased Missile Resistance, and Small Bonus vs Large
  • Mist Stalkers: Fimir Warriors with Stalk, Vanguard, and Terror
  • Maws of Savagery: Skin Wolves (Armored) with Vanguard Deployment
  • Icehorn Marauders: Marauders with Immune to Psychology, and Immune to Vigor

Wood Elves

  • Winterheart Guards: Eternal Guard (Shields) with Unbreakable, and Charge Defence vs All
  • Wild Hunters of Kurnous: Wild Riders (Shields) with Guardian Ability
  • Loec's Tricksters: Warsancers (Asrai Spears) with Loec’s Shroud Ability (Confer Stalk + speed), Storm of Blades Ability (+ Melee Attack, – Melee Defense)
  • Hawkeyes of Drakira: Waywatchers with Smoke Bomb Ability, and Discouraged Contact Effect on missile attack
  • Wardens of Cythral: Wildwood Rangers with Spear & Shield, Vanguard, Stalk, and Charge Defense vs Large
  • Ironbark Elders: Treekin with Fire Attacks, Fire Resistance, and Wildfire Aura Ability (Increases nearby units fire resistance)

Creative Assembly was formed in 1987. It began by porting games to MS-DOS from Amiga and ZX Spectrum platforms, and then later worked with EA Sport on several sports titles. It launched its first title in 1999 with Shogan: Total War. The company was purchased in 2005 by Sega.

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