Developer Plays The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch with Rainway App

The ability to stream anywhere gets more exciting when it means Geralt of Rivia on your Nintendo Switch.


In a new video, Geralt of Rivia runs around the castle chamber where he recently finished taking his bath. What makes his jaunt noteworthy is that it showcases The Witcher 3 (apparently) being played on a Nintendo Switch screen, courtesy of the in-development Rainway streaming app.

“Time to play some Witcher 3 and relax,” tweeted Andrew Sampson, the app’s developer, in a post that included the 32-second video.

The promise of Rainway is that it will allow you to “leverage the power of your PC” to play your favorite PC titles on unconventional devices, such as smartphones, tablets, macOS, and Linux devices. Nintendo Switch is also on that list, though the video doesn’t show the game being controlled with the system’s Joycons.

The Witcher 3 is a popular target for developers. It still inspires creative mods and texture upgrades, several years after its initial release.

One concern with any streaming app is the potential latency, which could prevent a game from playing smoothly enough for the experience to be worthwhile. A related matter is framerate, but Sampson assures skeptics Rainway can run games at 60 (and posted video that appears to show it doing precisely that).

If Rainway can deliver on its lofty promises, it could be one of the most in-demand apps on the marketplace when it finally releases. Imagine playing the next Forza game on your Nintendo Switch. You would be living the dream!

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