Modojo Rewind: Pokemon Go Fest And Niantic's Series Of Unfortunate Events

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It's been quite the week over at Modojo — while we've been scrambling to cover all of the latest news based around Niantic and their free-to-play hit Pokemon Go, Niantic itself has been scrambling to make amends for its truly dismal showing at last weekend's Pokemon Go Fest. However, between all the news of thousands of irate fans cursing and throwing garbage at festival presenters as well as the recently-filed lawsuit against the company, Niantic has made a number of big changes to their game, all of which we'll highlight below. Grab a tankard and post up by the hearth as we kick off this week's Modojo Rewind.

Thoroughfare Of Broken Dreams

By far the biggest story in mobile gaming this week is Niantic's colossal blunder at the first-ever Pokemon Go Fest that kicked off last Saturday in Chicago's historic Grant Park. Fans traveled from across the globe to take part in the first hyper-social Pokemon Go event in history, only to be met with mile-long lines, connectivity issues, draining heat, and confused organizers. To make matters worse, fans' collective enthusiasm for the game handily defeated the area's cell network connectivity, meaning players missed out on several planned events like challenge windows and the release of Legendary creatures.

In an effort to mitigate the damage, Niantic offered up ticket refunds to any players who wanted them in addition to $100 in PokeCoins; however, by the time these peace offerings were made, many fans had simply left. Others, considerably more upset by the outcome, have banded together to file a class action lawsuit against Niantic, seeking undisclosed damages as compensation for what essentially mounts to wasted time and travel expenses.

Still, Niantic's ugly raincloud did have one silver lining: the company eventually widened the area for local Legendary creatures by two miles, meaning players who had already left Grant Park were able to scoop up some of the game's new Legendary creatures, and not long after, Niantic released Legendary birds Lugia and Articuno out into the wild. Unfortunately, even with the host of new items like Razz Berries in the game, players still had difficulty capturing the Legendary Pokemon, so a few days after their release, Niantic updated the game in an effort to make Legendary creatures easier to capture.

Luckily for fans, not all of our latest Pokemon Go news is so dreary. After many weeks of contant coverage of the title, Modojo has finally forged its very own Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide hub, currently playing host to over 25 exclusive guides with more being added each week. Players who want to stay on top of the Pokemon Go arena, this is the bookmark you've been waiting for.

Inky Goodness And Classic Gaming Opportunities

Modojo has continued to expland upon its Splatoon 2 coverage this week, and we've got all-new guides to help Nintendo Switch players take down the game's biggest baddies, including the Octo Oven, the Octo Samurai, and the Neo OctoStomp. We've also got some new how-tos for players looking to jazz up their Splatoon 2 avatar, including guides on how to change their inkling's appearance as well as how to choose a new hairstyle.

We also got some exciting news on the classic gaming homefront via ThinkGeek, who happened to put a series of new NES Classic Edition bundles up for sale on their storefront. This story comes with fairly-obvious bad news, however, as it appears that all of their new NES Mini bundles have already sold out. Fortunately, Nintendo fans who want to get their classic gaming fix can pick up a copy of Namco Museum, a new Switch offering from Namco Bandai that contains 11 iconic Namco titles for the reasonable price of $29.99.

As always, there are loads of other hot news stories and guides featured over on Modojo, the website of choice for mobile and portable gaming enthusiasts.

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