How to Pre-Order the SNES Classic Edition Mini Console

Heading into a physical location looks to be the best bet at this current time.


Update: Gamestop has preorders available on their website, but the site is moving along at a crawl. Your best bet is to head to your local Gamestop and secure one of the few allotted to each store.

To the dismay of many, the SNES Classic preorders went live in the middle of the night and sold out in less than an hour. Walmart and Target have both reopened their gates during normal hours for most humans and both sold out in minutes, Walmart actually selling out of stock in legitimately less than one minute. Amazon has not made theirs available again yet, but could possibly go live sometime today like the other retailers. The official Nintendo website previously listed a handful of retailers that you'd be able to preorder from, but the site has been changed since.

Our news editor Charles Singletary secured one at a Gamestop in San Antonio, noting that there were six left after he paid for his. It looks like each store is only allowing one per person and they're getting anywhere from 8-15 per store. 

Original Story: After the huge success of the NES Classic Edition, it was only a matter of time before we started to get mini remakes of other OG consoles, such as the SNES Classic Edition. Then Walmart came along and opened pre-orders for the system, only to cancel them a short time later. As of right now, you can’t pre-order the SNES Classic, but if this week’s events taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared.

Below you will find the most likely retailers that will offer the SNES Classic Edition mini console in the US, as well as links to their online marketplaces. Keep these handy for when the SNES Classic Edition is available for pre-orders again. In fact, it might be wise to have a friend or family member at the ready as well, since some of the pages are likely to straight-up crash due to traffic when the pre-order period begins.

How to Pre-Order the SNES Classic Edition

Pre-order the SNES Classic Edition on Amazon

Pre-order the SNES Classic Edition at Walmart

Pre-order the SNES Classic Edition at BestBuy

Pre-order the SNES Classic Edition at Target

Pre-order the SNES Classic Edition at Gamestop

The SNES Classic Edition will be released into the wild on September 29, 2017, but pre-orders are likely to begin (or begin again) any day now. The cost listed by Nintendo is $79.99 USD, but this, of course, depends on the country you’re buying from, or the country your preferred retailer is located. Failing to land an SNES Classic Edition through a legitimate retailer likely means you’ll pay through the nose on eBay, and nobody wants that.

For full details on what the system looks like, has included in the bundle, and details on all 21 games shipping with it, check out the official SNES Classic Edition website from Nintendo.

Of course, the SNES Classic Edition mini console is likely to be limited in supply and crazy popular, so make sure you bookmark this page and stay ready to drop a pre-order the minute they open.

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