BioWare Builds Amazing Maize Maze For Anthem

It may sound rather corny, but they actually built the promotional labyrinth in conjunction with the Edmonton Corn Maze.


Many companies go to extraordinary lengths to promote their games. In the case of Anthem, BioWare and Electronic Arts went about 17 acres worth in a rather corny endeavor that turned out somewhat amazing.

EA decided to drop some marketing seed money on its new, growing sci-fi IP and farmed out the unconventional project to Edmonton Corn Maze. This field of greens is meant to plant the idea of the new game in the minds of a new audience in the hopes of cultivating interest and harvesting more pre-order cash. Obviously when BioWare proposed the project, EA was all ears.

The maize maze is the result of someone who took the kernel of an idea and ran with it, and based on the results, no insurmountable problems cropped up. The cornucopia of coverage for Anthem so far has been positive, and fans are already stalking sites for more details. Now, EA can only hope that "If you build it, they will come" to Anthem when it launches sometime later next year. 

Hopefully, if Anthem rakes in a successful bounty of cash, the marketing folks can smile and say in a husky voice, "Aw, shucks, it was just sow-sow."

Check out the video that BioWare cobbled together for the event.

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