Yonder: All 26 Sprite Locations

Find every Sprite in Yonder and clear all the Murk.


In Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, Sprite are a very important aspect of the game. Finding these allow you to clear something called Murk, gaining access to new areas. Finding all 26 Sprite won’t be easy, but our guide will show the precise locations and unlock criteria for all Sprite in Yonder.

Note: Images appear above the descriptions of where to find each Sprite.

Grasslands - 5 Sprites

Lumie Sprite: The first Sprite is located after you get off the ship and can move around in the cave. Make your way through the cave, eventually seeing an altar. Approach it and interact to get the Lumie Sprite.

Lock Sprite: Locate the Lock Sprite after completing the “Get the East Docks Open Again” quest received in Fairmont. Complete the quest, then jump to the boat just off the dock and retrieve the Lock Sprite.

Grumble Sprite: This Sprite is obtained right after you clear the Murk from the South Field Farm. Just approach the stacks of hay and you’ll be able to interact and retrieve the Grumble Sprite.

Curio Sprite: Players can acquire the Curio Sprite by completing a quest called “The Grasslands Shrine,” which is located just up the hill behind Goldlake. Repair the Shrine and interact with it to get the Sprite.

Smudge Sprite: Smudge Sprite is found west of Fairmont, and northwest of the South Field Farm. This Sprite is often thought to be in Sunderwind Wilds, but it’s in the Grasslands.

Dapplewood Forest - 3 Sprites

Romp Sprite: When you meet Bob in Dapplewood Forest, he’ll give you the “Got Fish” quest. Return to him with five Dip fish and he will reward you with the Romp Sprite.

Glow Sprite: Glow Sprite is found by completing a quest called “Wet Weather Gear, Dear.” You’ll need to bring a Raincoat to the quest giver, at which point you’ll be rewarded with the Glow Sprite.

Sap Sprite: The Dapplewood Forest Sap Sprite is found on the far east side. You’ll have to complete a quest called “Dapplewood Forest Shrine,” where you bring 10 Vine and four Twine that location.

Crestfall Coast - 3 Sprites

Pitcher Sprite: You can find Pitcher Sprite by entering Mocha Bay in Crestfall Coast. You’ll be able to snag this Sprite without having to complete any quests or jump through any hoops.

Pouch Sprite: Players can obtain Pouch Sprite by completing the “Juiced in Time” quest in Mocha Bay of Crestfall Coast. Deliver Festival Juice to Jubilee and she’ll turn into Pouch Sprite.

Cub Sprite: Cub Sprite can be found in Crestfall Coast, about as far to the south of the region as you can get. Turn two small statues to face a larger one and you can grab the Cub Sprite from the large statue.

Radiant Sands - 2 Sprites

Shore Sprite: Players can find the Shore Sprite on the northwest part of the island. You’ll see a stone archway near the water, and a lighter colored stone hanging from it. Smash it to get Shore Sprite.

Shades Sprite: The Shades Sprite can be found on the east side of Radiant Sands. You’ll have to accept the “Radiant Sands Shrine” quest, and bring back three pairs of Sunglasses. Buy them in Bobbintoff.

Numino Peak - 3 Sprites

Fennec Sprite: The Fennec Sprite can be found on the path in Numino Peak that leads you to Cinderton. You can’t miss it as you ascend to the top of the snowy mountain. Just pick it up. No quests required.

Cete Sprite: The Cete Sprite is on the snowy mountain in Numino Peak, along the path that leads to the Cinderton location. While it’s close to Fennec Sprite, it’s possible this one only appears at night.

Mian Sprite: To get Mian Sprite, advance the main quest until you must return to Numino Peak. Accept the “Search for Celestial Ore” quest and work your way through it. Mian joins you on your last step.

Hearthwind Vale - 5 Sprites

Whiffy Sprite: To get Whiffy Sprite, players will have to complete a quest called “Farty Fen Bog,” in which they collect eight Moonsilk Flower from the Sunderwind Wilds region of Yonder.

Crescent Sprite: Players can easily get the Crescent Sprite by traveling to the southeast of South Field Farm. You’ll see a big village called Bobbintoff. Head in and find the Crescent Sprite on a bridge.

Bolt Sprite: Bolt Sprite is found very close to Crescent Sprite, also in Bobbintoff. That’s the village to the southeast of the South Field Farm. There are no quests required to grab Bolt Sprite.

Woodrow Sprite: You can find Woodrow Sprite on the very west side of Hearthwind Vale. It is part of a quest called “Find the Moth Sanctuary,” which is part of Yonder’s main story.

Fright Sprite: The final Sprite in Hearthwind Vale is called Fright. Locate to statues, rotating the one that appears awake to the northwest, and the one that is tired to the southwest, activating Fright Sprite.

Sunderwind Wilds - 2 Sprites

Kit Sprite: Kit can be found to the northwest of Springmoor in Sunderwind Wilds. Set the three statues so they are facing each other and Kit will magically appear and hop in your backpack.

Gable Sprite: Gable is found in Springmoor, located in the Sunderwind Wilds region. Gable will only show at night, and seems to appear randomly. If you can’t find Gable, run far away and come back.

Shivering Plains - 3 Sprites

Vellum Sprite: Snag the Vellum Sprite from inside the village of Inglenook, which is in Shivering Plains. No fancy stuff here, just grab Vellum Sprite from near the water.

Spike Sprite: Players can get the Spike Sprite by following the main quest line in the game. By completing “Finding Arcadia,” you’ll automatically unlock Spike.

Drake Sprite: The Drake Sprite is located on top of the Inglenook village. You’ll need to come up from the southeast side, then open the only chest that you find at the top. Drake Sprite will be inside.

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