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Radeon RX Vega Benchmarks Leak Ahead of SIGGRAPH Reveal

AMD’s new flagship gaming card makes an appearance in 3DMark’s database.


Less than a week before AMD plans to unveil its new flagship gaming GPU to the world at the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles, benchmark runs from 3DMark’s FireStrike tool were briefly uploaded to the 3DMark website. The good folks over at VideoCardz first reported that the benchmark results were uploaded to the 3Dmark database by a user tagged ‘TheGameTechnician’. The tag is believed to be that of Jason Evangelho, Senior Tech Marketing Specialist at Radeon Technologies Group. If these results are from Evangelho, the benchmarks are about as “official” as the public will get prior to SIGGRAPH.

The results themselves show three runs that have performance in the neighborhood of NVIDIA's Geforce GTX 1080 and a good deal quicker than the GTX 1070. The benchmarks are believed to have been run on reference-style cards, as custom designs from AIB partners are not expected to be available at launch. These scores fall in line with what was seen out of official reviews for AMD’s Vega Frontier Edition card that was released earlier this month. The Vega Frontier Edition cards and the gaming focused Radeon RX Vega are believed to be using the same silicon.

A performance profile similar to the GTX 1080 has been expected from the RX Vega for a few weeks now, based on Vega Frontier Edition benchmarks and reactions from the AMD’s RX Vega Roadshow. Those events featured a few showcases in the last month allowing gamers to play on masked rigs featuring the RX Vega and what was thought be a GTX 1080. Reports from those demonstrations were inconclusive, though both of the PCs were said to have performed similarly.

Pricing for the Radeon RX Vega continues to be the biggest remaining question surround the card’s launch. AMD is expected to pull the covers off everything within the next week.

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