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How to Fix Nintendo Switch Error 2811-7503

The Splatoon 2 Nintendo eShop launch has been hit by error 2811-7503.


Splatoon 2 is officially out for the Nintendo Switch, but many potential players are having a difficult time downloading the game from the eShop. Most are reporting that they're receiving Nintendo Switch error code 2811-7503 and, according to, some buyers are being charged multiple times. We’ve gone digging for a fix to error 2811-7503, and found some information directly from Nintendo.

How to Fix Error 2811-7503

The description for this error on the Nintendo Support page reads, “You are unable to access an online feature, such as the Nintendo eShop, on Nintendo Switch and receive the error code 2811-7503 or 2811-7504.”

This error indicates that you are having trouble connecting to the Nintendo eShop service, which is likely due to a network outage. The fix for this error is not within the gamer’s control, but is rather something that needs to be handled on the Nintendo Switch side. In this case, it looks like Nintendo is starting to get it sorted out, but there could still be folks having problems.

The only thing that players can do is check the Network Maintenance Information / Operational Status for Nintendo Switch. Beyond that, it’s just a waiting game.

If you were able to successfully download Splatoon 2 and are enjoying the game as much as we are, be sure to visit the Shacknews Splatoon 2 guide-hub, where you’ll find tips, collectibles, and all the help you need to power your way through.

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