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Splatoon 2: How to Beat the Neo Octostomp

Battling in Splatoon 2? The Neo Octostomp can make life difficult. With a few sound strategies, though, you can turn it into octo-soup.


When you reach the third boss battle in Splatoon 2’s campaign, which is located in Beaker’s Depot, you’ll have to defeat the Neo Octostomp. It’s a tough battle, with three phases and plenty of opportunities to mess things up, but you can turn the tide in your favor by sticking to a simple plan.

First, there is the matter of preparation. Note Sheldon’s Request, which requires you to utilize the Hero Dualies throughout the battle. Make sure to also visit the Ammo Knights Enhancifier ahead of time and bulk up (a good strategy before any such battle), and equip the Curling Bombs. You can definitely use them.

Once the actual battle commences, the first phase begins with a rush. Quickly dodge left or right to avoid your foe’s speedy charge, then respond by deploying a Curling Bomb. You want the Octostomp to knock itself over, which reveals a tentacle on its back. Once that is exposed, your Hero Dualies are a great way to spray ink all over your opponent’s side. Then you can blast at the tentacle to inflict additional pain and end the battle’s first phase.

In the second phase, things get more complicated. The Octostomp dons some ink-resistant armor, which makes its sensitive tentacle tougher to reach. Respond by aiming for your adversary’s belt. The accessory keeps the ink-resistant armor in place, after all. Hit it when you can, but also watch out for the face plant attack. Keep moving to avoid getting smashed, then retaliate with shots at the belt until the coat drops out of your way. Move in with your Hero Dualies and strike at that tentacle.

When you reach the third phase, you’re at the battle’s toughest point. The Neo Octostomp now has equipped several faceplants, and you’ll have a harder time dodging its attacks. Again, aim your attacks at the belt until it falls away and the coat disappears. Then wait for a face plant and get busy with your Hero Dualies attack.

Winning the battle with the Neo Octostomp provides more information about Callie and lets you progress to the fearsome encounters yet to come. Your adventures in Splatoon 2 are far from complete.

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