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Pokemon Go Launches New Gyms, Raids, and Promises More to Come

One of the largest updates in the game's history rethinks the game's multiplayer.


Aside from some holiday events, we haven't gotten much in the way of major updates for Pokemon Go. Of course, E3 is always a good time for major news, so developer Niantic Labs has unveiled new gyms and raid content for the game.

The new gym features just launched, and include major changes to how gyms operate, according to a preview from US Gamer. First off, gyms will continue to have six slots for Pokemon, but you no longer need to rank them up first. In addition, Pokemon stationed at a gym will battle in the order they were assigned, meaning that the toughest one will no longer always be last. Each gym will allows only one Pokemon per trainer, but now the gyms will only accept on specific species of Pokemon. "So you can't have like six Dragonites anymore." senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura said, but he added you can have separate evolutions of a species though, so a Dragonite and Dragonair would work.

Finally, a new combat factor has been added to gyms: Motivation. High-level Pokemon will lose motivation the longer they are there, affecting their combat power. "If it's very low-level then the motivation will take a long time to go down," Archit Bhargava, global marketing lead, said. "If it's a really powerful Pokémon, then the motivation will go down quicker. It's more high-maintenance." Some new berries will boost motivation to keep them "entertained, but if motivation hits zero, the Pokemon goes back to its owner. It forces trainers to check on their monsters that are protecting the gym at their master's bidding

Gyms will also now award Badges, which trainers can level up for different rewards. "You give treats to Pokémon, you do battles, and the badge will slowly level up," Nomura said. "It has tiers, from bronze, to silver, to gold. As it levels up, you'll get more benefits from visiting the gym. This will add some collection value too: go to different places, earn different badges." 

Finally, gyms will also have spinners like PokeStops to get rewards. This change is to help players in rural areas who don't have a lot of landmarks for supplies.

The other major addition coming to the game in the next few weeks is raid content where players can group up to fight enhanced CP Pokemon when it takes over a gym. If an egg spawns at the top of the gym, that is notice for players to get ready for a much bigger fight. Players will need a raid pass to join the fight, which will be obtainable at the gym through the spinner. Special new rewards will be given for beating a raid boss.

More details will be coming in the next few weeks about the raid content, as well as some new info on Tech machine rewards, which will act as temporary attack powerups for Pokemon.

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