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Everything Nintendo Announced at E3 2017

For such a short presentation, Nintendo packed its pre-recorded stream with announcements and then dripped a few more throughout the week.


Nintendo was the last of the publisher presentations at E3 as usual, but it has a tendency to steal the show. This year was no exception, as it set the Internet ablaze with the lovably weird Super Mario Odyssey, presented a tease for one of its most anticipated sequels, and packed in a few extra surprises.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Officially Debuts

Nintendo's announcements arguably started before it even made its own presentation. Shigeru Miyamoto appeared on-stage at the Ubisoft conference to officially debut what had been leaked weeks before: a Mario and Rabbids crossover with RPG elements. Despite its bonkers crossover appeal, this was actually our surprise of the show, given that none of us expected much from it. Turns out it's actually great.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Still Ready to Scratch Your RPG Itch

Xenoblade is the Nintendo answer to any accusation that the platform doesn't have enough deep RPGs. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks just as deep and even more beautiful than its predecessors, and it's still slated to come this holiday season.

Pokemon is Coming to Switch

While it wasn't paired with a game demo, or footage, or really anything, a Pokemon game is coming to Switch. Details are light, other than assurances from The Pokemon Company that it is in development. That's better than nothing, right?

Metroid Prime 4 Finally Announced, and it's for Switch

Similarly teased was a new sequel to Metroid Prime, the long-dormant 3D iteration of the Metroid franchise. The first look video was just a nicely haunting presentation of the game's logo, promising that it's now in development for Nintendo Switch. It didn't even have a year attached, but our bet is on this one showing up sometime next year.

Super Mario Odyssey Has Mario Occupying Everything

The big-ticket item for this year's presentation, though, was Super Mario Odyssey. We knew from the start Nintendo's plan was to go all-in on Mario, and it didn't disappoint. The new trailer showed a bit of story–a Peach and Bowser wedding?!–along with this game's central gimmick. Mario has a snazzy new red cap outfitted with its own eyeballs, named Cappy. Throwing the magic cap onto various enemies and objects lets you occupy them for a variety of power-up types: flying around as a Bullet Bill, springing up a building from a road pole, or shooting across a cravass as an electric spark on a wire. 

Of course, it may all be a simulation.

A Sneaky Metroid 2 Remake

Nintendo ended its presentation with Mario, but the company has made a name for sneaking other announcements into its Treehouse presentation during show days. It wasted no time this year, showing off Metroid: Samus Returns within hours of finishing its initial presentation. The upcoming 3DS game is a remake of Metroid 2: Return of Samus for the Gameboy, an underappreciated classic and the origin of the Baby Metroit plotline that came to use fantastically in Super Metroid and less so in Other M.

More Mario & Luigi is On the Way Too

Not letting the 3DS go quietly into that good night, Nintendo also took the wraps off of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions. This series has become known for inventive little gimmicks, and this time it all revolves around Bowser's army of baddies.

Not Seen: Pikmin 4

Despite assurances from Miyamoto that a new Pikmin is in development, it wasn't anywhere to be seen this year. He was pressed for details, though, and assured fans that it is still "progressing." What that means for an eventual release date, though, is hard to tell.

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