E3 2017: Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a Game Using Starship Collectibles

It will be out in Fall 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


Ubisoft unveiled a rather interesting new title from its Toronto studio called Starlink: Battle for Atlas that lets you create physical starships that will then immediately become playable in the game. The rather ambitious project is coming for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch some time in the Fall of 2018. 

The game lets players take the role of interstellar pilots trying to free the Atlas system from a legion of forgotten evil robots. The twist is that you actually build modular ships (think Legos) to be used in the game. Mount it on the controller, and it is instantly ready for combat. Parts can be swapped out in real time, with pilots mixing and matching to give the best combinations for success. Everything can be changed out, from hulls, wings, and weapons to even pilots. 

The Atlas system is rather large and will give players plenty of planets to explore, each with its own ecosystem and wildlife. The world will evolve based on your actions, although it wasn't made clear just how exactly. The game supposedly will have an advanced AI that will take advantage of your mistakes or lack of action.

There aren't too many other details, but the game looks intriguing enough that we can wait for more, especially since the game is still so far off from release.

Check out the trailer below for just what the game could be capable of. 

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