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E3 2017: Anthem is BioWare's New IP

Live with the choices you make or die trying to change them.


EA showed off a intriguing teaser for BioWare's new IP, officially called Anthem. The teaser was part of a segment at the EA Play Live conference devoted to the Frostbite and how it will work with Microsoft's Project Scorpio.

The teaser shows a futuristic world protected by a wall. "It's our armor that protects us from what lies beyond," a female voice says. What lies beyond look like inhospitable weather and massive creatures that could easily crush you. "Out there, you either live with the choices you make or die trying to change them." It looks like players will don some sort of exosuit to go beyond the wall.

EA didn't reveal any other details, other than the fact that more would be revealed tomorrow during Microsoft's E3 press conference

Anthem had previous been codenamed Dylan, and is expected to meld The Division and Destiny-style gameplay in perhaps BioWare's largest endeavors to date. EA recently delayed the game to fiscal year 2019 to beef up the live services and social features that will be offered with it.

Industry insider Wario64 tweeted that EA and BioWare will go into more detail on Anthem on Sunday. That likely means during a seegment of Microsoft's E3 conference, where Scorpio is expected to play a prominent role.

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