Dissidia NT Focuses on Final Fantasy Heroes and Villains for PS4

30 years of Final Fantasy history crammed into one RPG-inspired fighter for spring 2018.


The Dissidia series is bringing 30 years of Final Fantasy characters back to Sony, as Square Enix has revealed Dissidia NT for the PlayStation 4. The game is being developed in conjunction with Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo.

The new title, which is slated for some time in spring of 2018, updates Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP from 2008. This time, there will be 20 characters, including Ifrit, Shiva, Odin and even Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. The game will reprise the "bravery combat system” in 3v3 battles and 10 different arenas. It's a fighter, hence the Team Ninja involvement, but its RPG roots means you'll see all your numbers, and choose from a variety of spells and gear to get the most out of the characters.

Kazushige Nojima, the man behind the Final Fantasy titles and Kingdom Hearts stories, will be writing a story mode for the game. 

Square promises to have something playable at E3 this year, so we will get a closer look at the game then. They will also be streaming a panel discussion for Dissidia NT live from E3, featuring Producer Ichiro Hazama, Director Takeo Kujiraoka.

And don't stress over what NT means at the end of the title. A recent livestream revealing the game said it doesn't stand for anything in particular.

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