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Ubisoft Server Status Up In the Air Over 'Degradation' Issues

Ubisoft websites, the account management website, Uplay PC and online features of games are all affected.


If you want to do anything with Ubisoft today, you may run into a bit of a problem. Its servers are having some issues and Ubisoft is scrambling trying to figure out why.

Ubisoft's UK support site has an alert at the top stating "We are currently investigating an online service issue affecting all Ubisoft Services." A separate page goes into a bit more detail:

"We are currently experiencing degradation on all Ubisoft Services. 

"Players may have trouble connecting to the Ubisoft websites, the account management website, Uplay PC and online features of games. 

"We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while this issue is being investigated.>

"Please keep an eye on our support website. We will remove this message once the issue is resolved."

The U.S. site, however, is calling it maintenance:

"We are currently conducting maintenance on various titles. During this time, players may be disconnected from the multiplayer portions of their console games, companion apps, and from Uplay PC. Online features, services, forums, and websites may also be inaccessible. 

"The Ubisoft Support Page is also experiencing maintenance. Players will be unable to log in to accounts in the meantime, as well as create chats or email tickets."

The Ubisoft Club site is also undergoing maintenance.

Whether the "degradation" or "maintenance" is being caused by some form of DDoS or some other internal issue is unknown, but suffice it to say that doing anything with Ubisoft today could be sketchy until they resolve the issue.

Maybe someone is upset with the new Ubisoft logo.

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