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This Week @ Shack: 'The Month of E3' Edition

In which we take a break from frantically planning for E3 to talk a little about E3. Something something E3.


Welcome to This Week @ Shack, our regular roundup of news, commentary, video, and guides.

We have officially crossed over into June, which means E3 is alarmingly close. We have some big plans in store that I'll share next week, but in many ways it feels as if the event has already started. Like Christmas, E3 is slowly taking more and more of the calendar. The event itself is stretching to the prior weekend thanks to more publishers holding their own events and the addition of Bethesda to the regular line-up necessitating some reshuffling.

Not only that, but publishers are teasing their announcements already. All that means that effectively, E3 the three-day media event has turned into a full month of media seeding followed by a week or so of furious activity. Press conferences, fan events, and then finally, the open convention days. Those three days, which used to be the whole event, are taking more of a diminished role as publishers hock their wares to the live audience at home.

That may be changing this year, with the addition of public attendees. The press has already groused about this enough, so I won't, but I am very curious to see the response from all sides. Do the fans find the value worth their dollar? Are publishers well-equipped to handle another type of attendee? This feels like a necessary step, but only the first one, and I bet that we'll see some large-scale changes next year based on how this experiment works. 

However it happens, though, Shacknews is going to be broadcasting pretty much constantly throughout the show, so make sure to check in and get an up-close look at how everything is going down from our perspective inside our fortified E3 Shack shack.

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