Friday the 13th: The Game: How to Play as Tommy Jarvis

Tommy's one of the few survivors who can claim to have put Jason down. We'll tell you how to play as him in Friday the 13th: The Game.


Under the right conditions, Friday the 13th: The Game gives one lucky player command of Tommy Jarvis, one of the few people who has defeated Jason—and incurred the killer's wrath as a result. We'll tell you how to play as Tommy so you and your Camp Crystal Lake counselor compadres can enact your revenge and escape.

How to Call Tommy Jarvis

Tommy isn't one of the regular counselors you and other players get cast as during a match. You can play as him, however, provided you meet specific criteria first.

To start off, you must be in a match with at least four players—including Jason, so you could be in a session with Jason plus three counselors. Any fewer than four, and you'll have to figure out a new plan to escape, because killing Jason without Tommy is impossible.

Assuming you have four players in a match, one counselor must die or escape. If you're the lucky (or unlucky) one, don't quit the game! Hang around and spectate while you cheer on your teammates: When they're able to use a CB radio, the game will randomly choose one of the deceased or escaped players to play as Tommy.

How to Use Tommy Jarvis' Abilities

As you would expect, Tommy is tougher than any other camp counselor. He can take more damage, and he packs a shotgun when the game casts a player in his role. The catch is that Tommy only receives a single shell for the shotgun. Don't take a shot at Jason unless you're sure you can hit your mark.

Just because Tommy enters a match doesn't mean you should shift priorities to kill Jason. If you're close to escaping, the player controlling Tommy should help the others escape by completing objectives such as repairing a car or boat, or calling the police.

Now that you know how to bring Tommy into your game, refer to our Friday the 13th: The Game guides for tips on how to win matches as counselors or Jason.

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