Friday the 13th: The Game: How to Win Matches as Counselors and as Jason Vorhees

Whether you're a randy camp counselor or a zombified super killer, our guide will tell you what you need to do to win matches in Friday the 13th: The Game.


Like the movie series from which it was derived, Friday the 13th: The Game sees Jason stalking camp counselors until they're all dead, or he is. You get to play as Jason or a counselor, and your objectives shift depending on your role. Counselors must avoid Jason and escape, while the player controlling Jason wins if he or she kills off the kiddies.

This guide will clarify how to win no matter which identity you assume in a match of Friday the 13th: The Game.

How to Win Matches as a Camp Counselor

Given that each match involves nearly half a dozen counselors, you're likely to spend most of your time in Friday the 13th: The Game playing as Jason's prey. Survival should be your top priority, but there are other ways to claim victory.

Survive Until the Timer Expires. This one is straightforward. Every match has a time limit. The rub is that matches usually last 20 minutes—an eternity when you're a counselor with few weapons at your disposal and your opponent is a zombified killer several times stronger than you and your friends. If running out the clock seems like your best bet, find a place to hide, but make sure to communicate with teammates so that everyone has his or her own hiding space that's relatively nearby so others can help if needed.

Call the Police. Easier said than done. Friday the 13th: The Game wouldn't stay true to its namesake if calling for help were as simple as walking into a house and picking up a receiver. No, you'll need to scavenge for parts and repair each map's phone before it's operable. After that, the police need time to reach your destination. Avoid Jason while you watch for them. As soon as they arrive, get to them to win the match.

Escape Via Car or Boat. Just like calling the cops, you can't just hop behind a wheel and race off to safety. You'll need to coordinate with your teammates to get each map's car or boat—your choice—in working order. The most important thing is to focus on the car or the boat. Dividing your attention between both gives Jason more time to find you and introduce you to the business end of his machete.

Kill Jason. Think you can kill Jason by grabbing a gun and planting a slug between his eyes? Think again. As you might expect, taking down Jason Vorhees is a multi-step process, and every player has a crucial part to play. Read our guide on how to kill Jason to learn how to get the job done.

One final note: Just because Jason kills you doesn't have to mean you're done playing. If certain conditions are met later in the match, the game will randomly select a player who has been killed or already escaped to return in the role of Tommy Jarvis, a character from the Friday the 13th mythos who must make an appearance if you want to kill Jason to win. If you've already quit out, you can't be select to control Tommy.

How to Win Matches as Jason

If you're lucky enough to play as Jason, you'll have plenty of ways to satisfy your bloodlust but only one way to win.

Kill the Counselors. Friday the 13th: The Game doesn't get any more straightforward than this. As Jason, you have several preternatural abilities at your disposal, such as sharpened hearing to help you hone in on counselors making noise, and strength great enough to kill players quickly once you have them in your grasp. Haste and recklessness are your only weaknesses. Notice how Jason cannot run; he walks with a steady, powerful gait. Take a cue from Jason: be patient, listen, watch, and wait. They'll slip up. And when they do, you'll be ready.

Refer to our guides to Friday the 13th: The Game for more tips and strategies, such as how to play as Jason.

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