Nintendo's Stock Soars Following Monster Hunter XX Reveal

Even though MHXX is a port of the 3DS' Monster Hunter Generations, Nintendo's jump in market value testifies to fan excitement. 


Nintendo's stock jumped more than percent early this morning following Capcom's announcement of Monster Hunter XX, an expanded port of Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS, for the company's Switch console (via CNBC). The increase of 5.48 percent elevated Nintendo to an eight-year high, its greatest value since October 2008.

CNBC credits the price jump to excitement in Japan, where Monster Hunter's popularity dwarfs that of western regions.

Monster Hunter XX is a port of 2016's Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS. The game builds on Generations' foundation by offering more quests, items, weapons, and monsters. In fact, Monster Hunter XX has been available on 3DS since March, but only in Japan.

Capcom hasn't announced plans to publish the 3DS or Switch versions of Monster Hunter XX outside of Japan. Historically, Monster Hunter games make their way to the west; they just trail behind eastern releases. The publisher will reveal more news during this weekend's Monster Hunter Championship.

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