Friday the 13th: The Game: How to Kill Jason Vorhees

Learn how to put Jason down for good (or at least until your next match) in our guide to killing the zombie himself in F13.


You wouldn't know it to look at him, but killing Jason in F13 requires you to sharpen your wits instead of a blade. Jason is an undead murderer with only one clear thought: kill the counselors of Camp Crystal Lake. Before you can put him down, you have to worm your way inside the rotten remains of his brain and psych him down.

How to Kill Jason: Preparing to Make the Kill

Every map in F13 provides several ways to escape Jason's clutches or kill him. The most straightforward way requires a bit of prep work. Get set up by following the steps below. There's some wiggle room in terms of which order to complete them in, but our order is a foolproof method. We supply the recipe; you'll have to come up with the ingredients by coordinating with the other counselors in your game.

  • Get Jason's Mother's Sweater. Circumnavigate the lake until you come to Jason's cabin. Go inside and locate his mother's sweater. Only a female counselor can wear it. If you fit that bill, put it in. If not, meet up with a teammate and hand over her (somewhat rancid) change of attire.
  • A Teammate Must Escape or Perish. Jason can't be killed until one of your pals has bitten the dust or escaped and left you to find for yourself. You can summon them back as Tommy Jarvis, but not until you find the large CB radio. Use it, and a dead or escaped player will be chosen at random to return as Tommy.
  • Remove Jason's Mask. You're almost ready to deliver the killing blow. Buddy up with at least one other teammate, grab the best weapons you can get your hands on, (we recommend an axe, machete, or the shotgun, which Tommy Jarvis conveniently spawns with) and batter Jason until you knock his mask clean off his putrid face. The player controlling Tommy must retrieve the mask and put it on.

How to Kill Jason: Going in for the Kill

Once Jason's mask is off his face and on Tommy's, the female counselor wearing his mother's sweater must approach him. Wait for a command prompt to appear, then press the corresponding key or button. Jason will be unable to attack the female counselor, whom he's mistaken for his not-so-dearly-departed mother. This should be the other players' cue to close in and unload on him with everything they've got.

Bludgeon and fire away on Jason until he's stunned. Now that you've got him on the ropes, have the player controlling Tommy follow on-screen instructions to kill him. You'll win the round and receive a nice experience bonus.

Now that you know how to kill Jason in F13, check out our guides to learn how to increase your odds of playing as him in the next match. 

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