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How to Play As Jason in Friday the 13th

It's not 100% guaranteed, but this guide will increase your odds.


When you heard about the Friday the 13th game, your first reaction was probably "Will I get to play Jason?" The answer is yes, but it is not 100% guaranteed, as the game randomly lets you play as the masked killer or as the fodder camp counselors. This guide will give you tips on how to increase your chances to play Jason, as well as a few tips for the counselors.

Character Select

In public games, as we said, you won't always play Jason, no matter what you do, but you have better odds if you select your spawn location. Go to the Customize menu option, then choose Spawn Preference. This allows you to choose to play as Jason or a counselor. Since there is only one Jason and numerous counselors, choosing Jason helps. If you choose Counselor from that preference screen, you will always be a counselor. You can also choose none and takes your chances with the pure randomization.

Of course, everyone will likely read a guide on how to play as Jason. If everyone has the preference selected, your odd aren't increased or decreased, but it is left entirely to chance. Just make sure you haven't chosen counselor or none, because then you will never play as Jason. 

In you choose to play with friends in a private game, you can coordinate who is a counselor and who is Jason. That way the choice will be guaranteed. If you have been a counselor too often, then get a group of friends together and trade off with everyone so you can the man in the hockey mask.

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