Far Cry 5 Tease Gives a First Look at Apparent Villain

Another marketing still gives a slightly better idea of what's going down in Hope County, Montana.


Ubisoft has released yet another tease for Far Cry 5 leading up to this Friday's announcement, and it sheds a little (but only a little) more light on what's going down in the fictional Hope County, Montana.

In a scene reminiscent of The Last Supper, we get an apparent cult leader surrounded by willing supplicants who are armed to the teeth. The religious zealotry is evident in both the church in the background and the word "sinner" carved into the back of a kneeling victim. And while these individuals could easily be mistaken for alt-right extremists, it appears they have a pretty different 'Murica in mind, since the stars on the flag have been replaced by the cult's symbols. Their own flag is also flying above the American flag, implying devotion to one over the other.

Further digging into the picture reveals a variety of weapons and enough ammo for a small war, the possibility of airplanes as a plot point and a wolf that looks like it would be just as comfortable eating human flesh as the steak that has been speared by a knife on the table. Heck that steak could even be human. Who knows? Ubisoft definitely isn't telling yet.

The image is the latest tease after a teaser video that showed off the sprawling vistas of Montana. Looking closely at the video, though, something ominous happens in each scene. The placid mountain vista is interrupted by a scream, sending birds flying. The peaceful sound of a running river is interrupted by a gunshot. A man running through a field of high grass is dragged down by an unseen force (maybe the wolf). And in the final scene, as the strains of Amazing Grace waft in the background, an armed man is banging the head of another individual into the church bell.

For the love of God, Ubisoft, just tell us already. We'll join the cult, we promise, but only after they pry the weapon from our cold, dead fingers.

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