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How to Get Source Crystals in Injustice 2

We show you how to find one of the important currencies in the game.


Injustice 2 has a few different currencies, used to unlock and purchase different things. One that is more hard to come by is the Source Crystal, which is used to purchase items and even level up your character. This guide will show you the most efficient way to collect them.


Source Crystals are mainly used to purchase alternate skins and shaders for the games roster of characters. Once you’ve gotten a character to level 20, you can pay a lump sum of Source Crystals to directly upgrade another hero to level 20.

Getting Source Crystals

Playing through the story mode and leveling up your profile is probably the simplest way to obtain Source Crystals. We must make it clear that your profile level is different from the level of your various characters. Profile level can be found on the Hero Card. Every time you level up, you receive a certain amount of Source Crystals. This number changes as you reach different levels:

1-19: 100

20-39: 150

40+: 200

Another cost-effective way to earn Source Crystals is by playing through the Multiverse and completing challenges. Check the rewards tab on a Multiverse mission or daily challenge to see if they offer Source Crystals as a reward.

There is one last way to earn Source Crystals, but we can’t really say that it’s “cost-effective.” For those of you who don’t mind digging into your pockets irl, you can purchase Source Crystals through micro-transactions. The prices in both the PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace are as follows:

2K Source Crystals - $0.99

11K Source Crystals - $4.99

23K Source Crystals - $9.99

50K Source Crystals - $19.99

150K Source Crystals - $49.99

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